1000 ChatGPT Prompts to Copy Paste & Scale

Go from dabbler to master of ChatGPT, so you don’t fall behind the AI revolution and 10X your productivity.

✅ 99+ tasks for all your marketing needs

✅ 1,000+ not-so-obvious prompts

✅ Copy & paste with examples and tricks

Imagine how much money and freedom would all those hours represent?

Risk free 14-day money-back guarantee

Spend less time doing boring, repetitive tasks

Enjoy more hours in your zone of genius (ie. strategic thinking, creativity, one-on-one connections)

Double or triple the number of clients you serve

Offer more services to clients

Scale with a lean team

All because you have the right prompts to unlock the full power of AI.


1,000+ copy & paste prompts for your most repeated tasks
99+ tasks you’ll save time on using proven ChatGPT prompts
Proven tricks to unlock ChatGPT fully
Exact steps + examples to get reliable results & scale

400+ prompts to leverage copywriting models and methods, build your email marketing strategy, create a low-ticket offer, build a high-ticket program and scale every aspect of your business.

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