Admission Tiktok Playbook

ADmission – TikTok Playbook

300+ Step-by-step Videos To Create Tiktok Ad Success – Even If You’re A Beginner
Launch Bonus #1: 50+ Plug N’ Play Ad Templates
Launch Bonus #2: Library Of 654+ Proven Video-openers That Grab And Keep Attention
​Launch Bonus #3: 250+ Call To Action Templates For Your Ads
​Launch Bonus #4: The Facebook Ad To Tiktok Ad Template
​Launch Bonus #5: The No B.S. Blueprint To Launching Tiktok Ads With Maximum Success
​Launch Bonus #6: Tiktok Ads & Creative Tracking Master Template
​Launch Bonus #7: How To Create A Dozen World-class Tiktok Videos In 15 Minutes Or Less (Private Training)
​Launch Bonus #8: Tiktok Ads Manager Template
​Launch Bonus #9: TikTok Budget Calculato
​Launch Bonus #10: The “When Things Go Wrong” 10-Part Series

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