Amon & Christina Browning Stock Market

Amon & Christina Browning – Stock Market

This course consists of more than four hours of video instruction, more than thirty resources, and a 19-page downloadable pdf investment plan for you to fill out and create based on the information you learn from the course..

The video instruction is broken into twenty-one modules. Each module focuses on different investing topics, with the modules presented in sequential order.

We begin the course by discussing the steps you should take before you begin investing. We also discuss how to calculate your FIRE number and how that number relates to your overall investment portfolio and your withdrawal strategy during retirement. We then share stock market history information, historical market perspectives, and the mentality behind investing.

We go over the different types of investment accounts that may be available to you (including tax-advantaged and non-tax advantaged accounts) and we discuss the various types of fees associated with different types of investments. We discuss the key characteristics to look for when picking a brokerage company and we walk you through how to open a brokerage account, how to fund the account, and how to set the account up for automatic investments.

We discuss how to structure your order of investing and the different types of investments that you can add to your portfolio (including index funds, ETFs, REITs, individual stocks, and bonds). We discuss the key factors you need to consider when deciding on your asset allocation. We walk you through how to research different types of investments and what to look for when you’re investing in different assets, such as index funds, ETFs, REITs, and individual stocks.

We discuss whether you should lump sum your money into your investments or whether you should dollar cost averaging. We also discuss how to rebalance your portfolio, common investing mistakes to avoid, and how to invest during a recession and bear markets.

At the end of the course, we put everything together so that you can take action and invest.

Module 1 – Introduction & Overview

Module 2 – Steps to Take Before You Begin Investing

Module 3 – Starting With a Goal & Achieving FIRE

Module 4 – Stock Market History (Good Investors Know Their History)

Module 5 – Investing Mentality

Module 6 – Overview of Investment Accounts

Module 7 – Types of Investment Fees

Module 8 – Picking a Brokerage Company

Module 9 – Opening A Brokerage Account

Module 10 – Funding Your Brokerage Account

Module 11 – Automate Investments

Module 12 – Order of Investing

Module 13 – Types of Investments

Module 14 – Asset Allocation & Optimal Returns

Module 15 – Researching Investments

Module 16 – Lump Sum Investing vs. Dollar Cost Averaging

Module 17 – Rebalancing

Module 18 – Investing Mistakes to Avoid

Module 19 – Dealing With Recessions and Bear Markets

Module 20 – Putting it All Together

Module 21 – Continuing Education

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