Daniel Throssell – $10,000-Hour Upsell Secrets

What You Get:
This ALL-NEW course teaches you basically EVERYTHING I know about creating high-converting upsell funnels — in less than ONE hour of your time.

I have held nothing back.

(So ironically, there’s no upsell at the end of it )

But before I tell you what is in this course, let me be VERY clear about a few things:

This is a TEXT course — like my Email Copywriting Compendium or Adventures in Copyland! — rather than a video course

It is ONLY accessible via my mobile app — there is NO desktop access or printable copy, so if that bothers you, please do NOT read any further down this page

The course is around 7,000 words long (i.e. roughly the equivalent, content-wise, as if I created a 45-minute video course). That is short enough to read multiple times in an hour — while also being substantial enough to cover everything I need to teach you about upsells

If you believe length = value, you might as well stop reading now. As with EVERYTHING I create — brevity is my GOAL. (My courses Upwork in One Hour and $10,000/Hour Sales Page Secrets are examples of the kind of value I can deliver in less than an hour.) So if you say “gee, that’s a lot of money for only 7,000 words” — without realising the incredibly valuable concepts those 7,000 words teach — you are not the kind of person this course is for.

But if you are okay with all that…

Here is just SOME of what you can expect to learn in $10,000/Hour Upsell Secrets:

The single highest-converting upsell offer type for almost every offer you can imagine

Do you publish a newsletter? I’ll show you a “double-upsell” trick publishers like Agora & The Motley Fool use to boost AOV & LTV on newsletters — even if you don’t have ANY other relevant offers to use as upsells!

Why the current wisdom (promoted by experts like Justin Goff) saying you should “offer them more of what they just bought!” is NOT always the best upsell to make — and SIX words that give you a better idea of what to sell instead

How I “adapt” upsell ideas from other industries (the very course you are reading about RIGHT NOW was originally an upsell based on an idea I got from my old whisky bottle-of-the-month club)

How to work out WHAT your upsells should be based on your product

A very simple way to tell if an offer will make a good upsell, judging by nothing but the first 100 words of the copy

[KEY INSIGHT] How “upsell pages” differ from regular sales pages (two things you should REMOVE — and two you should have MORE of)

How many upsells to have in a funnel

Why the default upsell page suggested by platforms like ThriveCart can KILL your upsell sales if you use it!

How much money I personally made from upsells when I launched Adventures in Copyland! (no, this has absolutely no bearing on your life or business, but you’re curious, aren’t you, you voyeuristic sucker?)

What your FIRST upsell should be if you have more than one in your funnel

Where to put your most expensive upsell

Why you cannot rely on your ‘standard’ copywriting instincts when writing to upsell buyers

How to make money (sometimes lots of money) from an upsell if nobody buys it … without selling it again or even changing it in any way

Why you should congratulate people for NOT buying! (Sometimes. Only sometimes. Actually, if you do this the wrong time it’ll really backfire quite badly, so … unless you actually buy this course, forget I said this, or it’ll screw you over bad.)

How to make more sales by “flaking out” on your customers after you pitch them

Whether evergreen offers should come BEFORE or AFTER limited-time-only offers in your upsell funnel

And more!

Again — this is a short course, by design.

Because I want you to FINISH it.

Preferably, in one sitting, within an hour of buying it.

And then, you can read it again and take notes … and then go and apply them next time you build an upsell funnel for your business (or a client’s).

Or even better … go and tweak an existing funnel, and potentially make back the entire cost of this course as soon as tonight.

With this knowledge in your pocket … you will possess one of the most valuable skills a copywriter can have: the ability to turn what would have been a $1 sale into $2 … $5 … $10 … or even $100!

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