Dicke Bush – Generate 10x More Content Using AI

Generate 10x More Content Using AI In A Fraction Of The Time & Without Compromising Quality

What You Get Inside This Course

By the end of this 2-hour training, you will:

Understand how ChatGPT & AI is changing the way people write—forever.
Explore the most valuable skills Digital Writers should acquire over the next 10 years to remain relevant.
Avoid the biggest mistakes people make when using ChatGPT (hint: one of its “worst” functions is idea generation, and yet that’s what most people think it’s best at).
Employ ChatGPT to be your own AI-driven “research assistant.”
Train ChatGPT to write like yourself—and generate 10x more content (without compromising quality).
Combine ChatGPT & our Lean Writing approach to quickly & easily generate hundreds of “outlines as content.”
Effortlessly edit the content ChatGPT creates for you.
And unlock tons of actionable tips for outsourcing the most “manual” parts of the writing process.

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