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Escala Academy – Preview
Escala Academy – Why?
What will my business look like after the Escala Academy
Escala – Your Partner for eCommerce Scale
Options for Working with Escala

Module 1: Introduction
1.1 Escala Course Introduction
1.2 The 3-Phase Approach to Business Systemization
1.3 Escala Academy Overview
1.4 Components of a Business System
1.5 Organizational Chart vs Accountability Chart
1.6 Escala Process Hierarchy
1.7 Setting up ClickUp
1.8 Setting up Miro
1.9 Pre-requisite for Systemization – A Vision ‘Shared by All’
1.10 Importance of Getting the Team’s Buy-in for the Project
1.11a Task: Conduct Internal Kick-off
1.11b Task: Conduct Internal Kick-off

Module 2: Current State Assessment
2.1 Current State Assessment Overview
2.2 Escala Process Hierarchy Level 1: Core Functions
2.3 Escala Process Hierarchy Level 2: Processes
2.4 Building Process Maps with Miro
2.5 Task: Build Your Current State High Level Process Map
2.6 Task: Build Your Current State Organizational Chart
2.7 The Role of Your Team in the Current State Assessment
2.8 The Role of Service Providers in the Current State Assessment
2.9 Preparing for Process Walkthroughs
2.10 Task: Conduct Process Walkthroughs
2.11 Task: Consolidate AFIs from Process Walkthroughs
2.12 Task: Revisit High Level Process Map
2.13 Escala Process Hierarchy Level 3: Tasks
2.14 Accomplish the Master Task List to Align with Escala Process Hierarchy
2.15 Task: Convert Text to Flow Charts on Miro
2.16 Task: Verify High Level and Level 3 Process Maps with Team
2.17 From Current State Assessment to Future State Design

Module 3: Future State Design – People
3.1 Future State Design Overview
3.2 Building your Process-Driven Accountability Chart
3.3 Building your Accountability Chart in Miro
3.4 Task: Build your Current State Accountability Chart
3.5 Task: Score each Accountability using the Delegation/Automation Index
3.6 Considering AFIs & New Processes for Accountability Chart
3.7 Touchpoint: Deciding for your Future
3.8 Translating your Accountability Chart into a Future State Organizational Chart
3.9 Task: Build your Future State Organizational Chart
3.10 Task: Run a Purpose Assessment for each Role
3.11 Understanding BME Analysis Build Manage Execute
3.12 The Importance of Performance Management System in your Business

Module 4: Future State Design – Technology
4.1 Leveraging Technology to Systematize your Business
4.2 Task: Create your Current State Tools Masterlist
4.3 The Role of Technology in Business: Too Much vs Too Little
4.4 Task: Review the Automation/Delegation Index
4.5 Task: Build your Technology Roadmap
4.6 Task: Assign Internal Technology Owners

Module 5: Future State Design – Process
5.1 Future State Design Process Overview
5.2 Task: Prepare yourself for Future State Process Mapping
5.3 Building your Future State High-Level Process Map
5.4 Building your Future State Level 3 Process Maps
5.5 Aligning Process Maps with BME Analysis & Purpose Assessment
5.6 Task: Present Process Maps to your Internal Team
5.7 Townhall: The Importance of Sign-off & Buy-in before Phase 3
5.8 Task: Prepare your Townhall Deck
5.9 From Future State Design to Future State Implementation

Module 6: Future State Implementation
6.1 Future State Implementation Overview
6.2 Understanding Workflows vs Company Wiki
6.3 Building your Company Wiki Structure
6.4 Task: Build you Company Wiki Structure
6.5 Understanding the ClickUp Hierarchy
6.6 Building your Company ClickUp Hierarchy
6.7 Task: Build your Company ClickUp Spaces
6.8 Guide on How We Document SOPs
6.9 Understanding Tasks vs Decision
6.10 Escala Process Hierarchy Level 4: Subtasks
6.11 Escala Process Hierarchy Level 5: Working Instructions
6.12 Building your Escala Sprint Management (Master) Board
6.13 Task: Add the Subtasks to your Wiki
6.14 Task: Conduct your Sprint Kick-Off Roughcut
6.15 Options for Working Instructions Documentation
6.16 Task: Document your Working Instructions in the Wiki
6.17 Task Add the Subtasks to your Workflows
6.18 Tool Hacks for Documenting SOPs
6.19 Task: Link your Workflows to your Wiki
6.20 Sprint Summary and the Baseline

Module 7: Summary and Next Steps
7.1 Updating and Maintaining your Business System
7.2 Using your Business System to Onboard Talent
7.3 Course Summary & Final Words
7.4 Escala Academy/Engagement – Are you Interested?

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