Google Tag Manager Course Bundle

GTM Course for Beginners will teach you:
How to save money and time, be in control of your website tracking, launch tracking campaigns faster, and avoid hassles with developers
How to implement Google Analytics 4, Facebook Pixel, etc.
How to measure valuable and important website interactions which drive real insights
How to make your tag management GDPR-compliant
How to apply your new knowledge in actual real-life projects
Intermediate Google Tag Manager course will teach you:
How to access custom data on a website without developer
How the Data Layer actually works (let’s go beyond the beginner level)
How to create advanced triggers with CSS selectors
How to deal with iFrames
How to configure GA4 Ecommerce setup (from A to Z)
An easy-to-understand introduction to the technical (and necessary) topics: HTML, CSS, RegEx, DOM, cookies.
How to use and benefit from server-side tagging

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