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Here’s what you’ll get inside the programme:
Module 01
The Foundations
Module 02
Module 03
Choose Your Character
Module 04
LinkedIn Masterclass
Module 05
Copywriting Supremacy
Module 06
Content Creation Systems
Module 07
Top 1% Psychological Personal Branding Hacks
Module 08
The Art Of Storytelling
Module 09
Networking Mastery
Module 10
Monetisation Secrets
The Foundations
From the get-go, I want you to know exactly:

– Where to start
– What the cohort is about
– Where to go to win in the 8-week program
– How to use a community
– How to gamify your experience when growing your personal brand
– Why LinkedIn is the best platform to grow in right now
– Why building your personal brand is so important today.
– Understanding my journey and why I chose LinkedIn as my main platformI take you through every single one of those questions and this module
only takes about 10 minutes to complete.
Here is a massive difference between those people who make it from 0 to 10,000 followers in months or weeks and those who never make it and that one thing isn’t anything technical but mindset.

In this woo-woo-fluff-free module, I’m going to take you through 5 important lessons that I wish I had known before I started growing on LinkedIn.

– From the main lessons that I used to unf**ck my mindset to the strategies I utilized to consistently post on LinkedIn without burning out.

– How to stay consistent

* How to disappear for six months and come back as a brand new person and build a brand of your dreams

– How to avoid shiny object syndrome and stay focused on the main objective (which for you is to build a powerful personal brand that goes beyond your wildest dreams.)

All the strategies used in this module are proven by me and all my students alongside all the top 1% performers and earners that I know to work.

No fluffy meditations, no monk-mode tutorial, just clarity.

Because it takes different mindsets to do different things. Different hard things.

In the end, mindset is what separates the best from the rest.

Choose Your Character
Construct your character (Layer by layer)

Go from NOT having any interesting stories to share, or feeling ordinary to putting it all together and learning what’s possible through other people’s transformations, and case studies.

In this module, we cover:

– How to inject the ideal version of yourself into your personal brand.
(so you can become “the niche”).

– Access to Personal Brand content generator. Immediate access to creating a personalized plan for you to build this dream brand.

– Access to Content Matrix Generator. How you could personally craft your Weekly Mon-Friday content pillars in a sustainable and achievable way.

– How to share your stories that move people and create a movement AKA Viral stories ( we go from you not having any stories to share to finding and picking exactly what you want to share about yourself without oversharing, without being too vulnerable.)

In this gamification Module, I introduce LEVELS you can build your brand around.

LEVEL 1: Crafting your story

LEVEL 2: Refining your posts on LinkedIn

LEVEL 3: Getting authority and engagementThis ain’t fluff. It’s not mindset stuff. It’s an applicable practice that you can work on that specific day.

LinkedIn Masterclass
This is where I spill ALL the beans…

I won’t be holding anything back in module 4.

I’ll take you through ALL the fundamentals, systems, and processes that I’ve learned and used to become the no.1 female creator.

This is what the top 1% LinkedIn creators talk about and discuss in their secret hangouts (I’m one of them).

In this module, you’ll learn How the top Influencers use LinkedIn.

You’ll get the secret ingredients to making an irresistible LinkedIn profile.

You’ll learn how to turn the sexy new profile into a landing page for your offer.

You’ll have the growth hacks that will help you gain 50-60 new followers each day.

You’ll unlock the million-dollar technique of how to turn your LinkedIn into a non-stop lead-generation machine.

I’ll share the case studies of how my previous students who were standing exactly where you are grew their accounts massively (100,000 impressions on posts) and got more leads.

You’ll watch me present a few live examples so your confidence levels breakthrough the roof! If They’ve Done It, You Can Too!

Plus, you’ll learn

How to network, engage and slide into DMs silky smooth using my plug-and-play templates that have helped me gain 200K followers.

How to influence and build authority like James Bond using a secret sauce formula I created for my brand.

How to exploit LinkedIn’s mechanism for hypergrowth and virality using certain techniques only known to a handful of creators.

By the end of this module, you’ll know everything I know about LinkedIn growth to date.

Copywriting Supremacy
I became one of the best copywriters on LinkedIn, without having a master’s degree in English or Shakespere’s genes in my blood. ‍

And you can do it too.

‍You don’t need to be a native English speaker or a best-seller writer to do the copywriting for your personal brand.And it’s okay if you haven’t been a great storyteller.

You simply need to understand the basic fundamentals of copywriting and that’d be more than enough for you to make 6-figs or more from LinkedInIn this module, I’ll help you fast-track the copywriting learning process.

– I’ll take you through six writing fundamentals, how they work, why they work, and how I apply them to my own writing with live examples so that you can replicate them immediately.

– I’ll share the rare stuff – the real gold – that goes beyond the “just-post-content-on-LinkedIn” advice that’ll take you from just another content creator on LinkedIn to a renowned authority in your industry.

– I’ll teach you how to become UNSTOPPABLE by learning to write.

And not just that, I’ll fast-track your learning journey.You’ll have everything there’s to know to become one of the best copywriters on LinkedIn.

But… even the best writer sometimes stares at the blank screen for a very long time doubting that will he/she ever be able to write it.

That’s why You’ll get all my swipe files so that you don’t have to stare at the screen for hours and start writing from the get-go.

You even get all my templates (that made me 6-figs) where you’ll only have to fill in the blanks and plug and play.

You’ll see live examples of how I’d write from scratch. It’ll have everything from grabbing attention to cutting the fluff and formatting.

Copywriting won’t seem like a daunting task anymore nor you’ll have to worry about spending a fortune on ghostwriters.

Content Creation Systems
…The single biggest problem that every content creator, entrepreneur, or CEO who wants to build their personal brand on LinkedIn faces, and how you can avoid it from the get-go…

‍By now you’ve mastered LinkedIn dynamics, growth strategies, and professional writing.

Now, the real test: creating content EVERY SINGLE DAY! Chillin’ and writing posts here and there with newfound skills and templates is gonna be a stroll in the park.

But churning out daily content for weeks, months, and years is where most people throw in the towel.You face two choices:

❌ Burnout within weeks or months.
❌ Rely on generic posts from AI or costly ghostwriting agencies.In this module,

– I’ll share my secret “content creation system” that my team and I use to create hundreds of posts every week for 365 days a year without burning out.

– You’ll have the exact frameworks and tools that have repeatedly worked not just for me but also for my clients to consistently come up with content ideas, schedule them, and publish without breaking your bank with paid ads and relying on pods

– .Creating, sustaining, and replicating a content creation system doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. This module is all about making it as clear, simple, and effective as it gets.

P.S. It still hurts soooo much to give this away.

Top 1% Psychological Personal Branding Hacks
Industry experts pay thousands of dollars to learn these psychological hacks to break into the top 1%.

By the end of module 6, you’ll be ready to go out and kill it on LinkedIn.

It’s time I take you straight to the elite level.

Get this in your head if you truly want to get in the Top 1%

Your goal shouldn’t only be to get quick followers and leads, but become a solid brand… People should instantly remember you, admire you, and be inspired by you when they hear your name.

Just like how a rush of inspiration and an awesome image pops into your head the moment you hear the names of Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet.

You like them, you trust them.

This is what you want your audience to feel like when they hear your name.

This is exactly what I’ll be talking about in module 7.

– You’ll learn how to use psychological hacks and tricks in your writing to make people like you more and more with each post.

– You’ll discover how to be known as the no#1 reliable expert in your niche even if you have 10 followers.

– You’ll determine how to build a charismatic persona by using a certain tone and style in the content you post.

– You’ll uncover how to build trust and authority using writing techniques only the top creators know and have been using for years.

Becoming a brand has very little to do with “what you say”, but “how you say” it.

The Art Of Storytelling
People do not buy goods and services. They buy relationships, stories, and magic.The power of personal branding is hidden in your story.

So you’ve probably heard the phrase “people buy from people they like”… quote.

And when it comes to personal branding, this is so true.

People would rather buy from someone that they know, they like, and they trust.

And you build this up by sharing stories that you have gone through that relate to others.

So in this module, you’ll learn:

– How to turn your stories into content without being too cringe, without oversharing, and without overexposing yourself.

– How to find the things that make you powerful as an individual, and how to leverage your stories to get more leads, get more followers, and get more authority and expertise, and also be seen as a reliable source of information.

– This includes storytelling templates that you can literally use and replicate immediately to proven storytelling techniques that I’ve used endlessly and repeated repeatedly without me sounding the same every single time.

If you want to involve people at the deepest level, you need stories

Networking Mastery
…The top 1% didn’t make it to the top 1% by randomly posting hundreds of comments a day…
The most essential asset you can have when it comes to building your personal brand from scratch.It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know.In this module, you’ll learn:
How to network with the top 1% so you as a result can become the top 1%.

I’ll share all the tools and strategies that I used to network with the best and that consistently move the needle for me.

I’ll share my templates and real live examples.

I’ll give you my secret hack that’s worked for me like an inbound machine so that you too can have a healthy sales pipeline without having to work for it…

‍Hint: it has nothing to do with posting hundreds of comments a day like a maniac or awkwardly sliding into peoples’ DMs only to be ignored.

‍You’ll discover how the top creators have leveraged networking to position themselves as authority figures in their space and how you can do it too.

By the end of this module, you’ll have everything there’s to know about the right networking…

‍From sending connection requests to building relationships and lead generation to growing an online community (through templates, real-life screenshots, and the secret books that I have).

Monetisation Secrets
how i build a 100% inbound business through content without a website. from turning your linkedin into a landing page, dms and crafting content that targets your ideal client.

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