Michael Bashi – Sell For Me Funnel (2023)​

What You Get:

Phase One | Day 1 to Day 8

Building The Business
Day 1-8 Walkthrough

The first 8 days of the challenge is a complete walkthrough with the most comprehensive step-by-step handholding experience you have ever seen online in the affiliate marketing space.

I literally took my time in every aspect of this step-by-step training to make sure you get through the challenge quick, and you never get stuck. The idea of this training is not just to learn this stuff…

But to actually apply it as you go along. You will literally have an entire functional affiliate-based business in 14 days whie working an average of 1 hour per day to accomplish it.

In this first 8 days; together, we will build you a dream affiliate business that is complete, functional, and fully operational and ready to start earning you recurring affiliate commissions on a consistent basis. We will fill your business with high paying offers that fits the SFMF MANTRA.

Day 1-8 – Here’s A Preview Of What’s Covered

Together, we will pick out the right domain name for your business.

Together, we will sign up for the right and affordable hosting plan for your business.

Together, we will create a business email account for your new business so you look professional.

“We Do This For You” – We setup a fresh website for you on your wordpress install that is clean and fast loading. We then fill your website with 6 high paying offers that fitst the SFMFPRO Mantra. Offers people/businesses NEED not want. Offers that pay you in recurring residual commisisons.

Together, we start working on building your professional, elegantly designed, affiliate business website. (This section involves “done-for-you“ tasks that myself and the team will take care of for you.

Phase Two | Day 9

Creating Your YouTube Video Ad
Day 9 Walkthrough

This is a game changer for 99.9{e5e8175e72a2583d0d67710e655c2175cb5388feca5bffb6858da8ca33c2eac8} of affiliate marketers whether they know it or not.

Vast majority of affiliate marketers are always restricted on how they can build an affiliate-based business in terms of getting enough consistent quality traffic and leads to look at the offers they’re promoting.

Majority of affiliate marketers cannot advertise their business on big reliable networks like Google because they do not have their own established, credible, and legitimate website. Meaning they do not have an actual business or online presence as an established affiliate marketer.

And Google really hates that and will not allow affiliates to advertise on their platform unless you have an established, credible, and legitimate website.

If you don’t have one, and you try to advertise on Google, you are basically asking to be thrown in Google jail and good luck getting out of it.

Hence most affiliate marketers are almost forced to take the route of less quality and less reliable traffic sources. They end up generating low level leads if any; that just don’t convert into a customers/referrals.

This is a massive roadblock for the vast majority of affiliate marketers. And they remain broke and scraping for pennies because of it.

SFMFPRO eliminates this roadblock for you. On Day 9; together, we go through an extensive handholding session and together, we will record a YouTube video ad that we will then use to advertise your business later on.

Day 9 will eliminate the overwhelm and allows you to finally have a
to-the-point, high converting, and Google Compliant YouTube video ad so you can effectively, predictably and consistently advertise your affiliate business every day and start earning affiliate commissions as soon as possible.

Day 9 – Here’s A Preview Of What’s Covered

Watch me record video ads as if I am doing it for my own business. You get “behind-the-scenes” look at how I create video ads that generate high 6+ figures in my businesses consistently. You follow along with me while we create your video ad together.

You get access to my style, and my way of making videos that convert cold traffic to leads; and leads to commissions in your bank account. You came to my website from Google traffic right?How am I doing so far? You’re still here considering enrolling into SFMFPRO right? I can do the same for your affiliate business.

“We Do This For You” – You get my Done-For-You video ad transcripts. You never have to guess or figure out what to say on your video. I tell you what to say. Then together, we record your video ad. (if you don’t want to be on camera, that’s OK. I will show you how to get around it and still get great results).

The video we record together is short and to the point. Most importantly; it works! You don’t need any special tools or high tech gadgets to do this. Your smart phone and 1-2 free apps will be more than enough for us to create your high value, high definintion, and high converting video ad together.

Together; we will finalize your video, and put it up on YouTube and get it ready to be used later on for your YouTube traffic campaign on Google Ads in which we will set up together.

Phase Three | Day 10 To Day 14

Creating Your Google Ads Campaign
Day 10-14 Walkthrough

The last 4 days of the challenge is a complete walkthrough showing you how to properly create your Google Ads account, set up proper structure, get your account verified, and making sure you’re compliant across the board before ever thinking about creating a campaign on Google.

Together, we will go through properly and effectively setting up your Google/YouTube Ads video campaign using the video we made together on day 9.

Together, we will set up your Google Ads campaign taking out all the guess work. We will set up your campaign which will run on autopilot for years to come growing your online affiliate business daily and consistently on autopilot while growing your affiliate commissions and recurring revenue one commission at a time.

Here’s A Preview Of What’s Covered In Day 10-14

Together, we will go through the proper channels to getting your Google Ads account created the right way without getting rejected or denied by Google.

Simplifying the plethora of options Google gives you when creating your account and traffic campaign. Eliminating confusion is key to a successful account creation.

Together, we will go through a checklist making sure your new affiliate website is covered from all angles and that you have the best chance at being compliant and never worrying about Google shutting down your account. This is where you really want to pay attention. I will be giving you the secrets to thriving on Google Ads. You’re welcome!

Together, we will create your YouTube traffic campaign ensuring all proper settings are in order. Together, we will make sure your campaign gets approved as quickly as possible.

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