Perry Belcher – AI POD Profits

What You Get:
#1 – Your Home Equipment Package

Garment Heat Press
​Mug Press
​Hat Press
​Plate Press
​Teflon Sheeting
​Blank Sample Pack
#2 – 4-Week A.I. POD Training Program

Market selection
​AI design
Marketplace setup
Scaling up
#3 – Design Package

Access to all my Mid Journey prompts
Access to all new design templates (10K+/Mo.)
#4 – Live Print Factory Tour

$500 in transfer & JIT credits
​Pick & Pack for $1 & Press & Pack $1.50
#5 – Stock Package

$500 in transfer credits
#6 – Chad’s AirTable + Outsourcers Design Engine

#7 – Model mock-ups

#8 – Voxer Members Channel

Framework on the secret 7-figure POD model and POD tripwires to membership MRR (Jillions)

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