Rob Lennon – Hooked on Writing Hooks

Only Training You Need To Write Hooks That Reel Readers In, And Turn Your Ideas Into Content That Actually Gets Consumed.

Hook Magic
The proven 4-part formula for writing attention-grabbing headlines optimized for every audience

Specific Hook Secrets
How to make your openings pop without resorting to clickbait BS

The Hook Power Triangle
The only 3 frameworks you need to master hook writing

Story Starters
3 more frameworks for crafting irresistible story hooks

Hook Diagnosis Made Easy
How to fix bad openings by pinpointing subtle issues and spotting red flags

The 10 Must-Know Content Formats
Breakdowns of listicles, stories, advice columns, teardowns, and more

All this will teach you everything you need to know to write eye-sizzling hooks. (Eww 👀)

Free Bonus #1
Sometimes it helps to see the principles in action. That’s why hooked on writing hooks also comes with a bonus hundred hook swipefile:

X/Twitter Hook Goldmine:Ethically hijack curiosity on X with proven openings – inspiration for when your creative juices aren’t flowing
LinkedIn Hook Vault:Stand out in the feed and spark engagement, even if you’re feeling boring

More isn’t always better, which is why this swipe file only features the 100 best attention-grabbing hooks from my personal library. (Everything is categorized for easy inspiration.)But I’ve also got another special free bonus cooked up for you.

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