Ryan Hayward (Flux Academy)

What You Get:
Welcome & Course Overview
Framer vs Webflow
Framer vs Figma
Overview of the Framer Dashboard
Creating Your First Site
Key Concepts for Mastering Framer
Intro to the Framer Editor
Understanding Sizing
Positioning: Relative vs Absolute vs Sticky vs Fixed
Using Layout
Demo: Creating a Hero Section
Navigation & Links
Using Icons
Slideshow & Carousels
Using Video
Understanding Site Settings
Publishing Your Site
Overview of Components
Hover and Pressed States
Logic With Components
Demo: Building a Custom Navbar
Content Management System
Understanding the CMS
Sorting & Filtering
Search component
Understanding Effects & Animations
Effect Options (Appear, Hover, Etc.)
Component vs Regular Effects
Creating a Parallax Effect
Demo: Adding Effects to a Landing Page
Advanced Use Cases
Using the Ticker
Working With Remixes
Override Code
Custom Search Bar
Putting It All Together: Building a Full Site
Exporting From Figma
Setting Up the Framer Project
Creating The Hero Section
Building The Navbar
Building The Site Content
Testimonial Section
Creating The Call-To-Action
Creating The Footer
Fixing Common Site Issues
Adding Effects
Making The Site Mobile Responsive
Publishing The Site
Bonus: Making Money with Framer
Selling Framer To Clients
Client Handover Checklist
Pricing Framer Sites
Framer Partner Program
Selling Templates
Getting Your Template Approved
Building Products For Framer

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