Smart Raja Concepts (SRC) – Forex 101

Topics Covered:


– Understanding Zones. Difference between HTF zones & LTF Zones. Which ones are more important and why ?

– How to look for rejections in Zones or continuation.

– What to look for a continuation based off break/retest.

– How to spot a valid range to fill. Identifying ranges and appropriate stops.

– How to spot a “fake-out” vs “continuation”.

– How to read 4h/1h/30min/15min candles.

– How to trade based off visualizing Daily candles and executing on LTF candles.


– What do candlesticks represent.

– What do wicks mean and how to trade wick fills.

– How to determine which wicks will get filled and which wont get filled.

– HTF wickfills vs LTF wickfills.

– What do candles mean when they have no wicks, and how to execute entries and exits based on that.

– Difference between Kangaroo tails (reversal candles) and FAKE Kangaroo tails (fake reversal candles).

– How to identify fake-out candles vs continuation candles.

– What is a GLADIATOR candle and how to use it for entries and exits.


– What do they mean by “Looking-left”.

– Using consolidation areas for Take Profits.

– How to identify areas of consolidation to manage your trades.

– How to predict clean moves when there is no traffic to the left.

– Identifying and labeling chart traffic by looking left.


– Using candles to determine entry points, Stoplosses and TakeProfits.

– How reading candle trends can determine trailing stops

– Using candles and the stories they tell to determine when to scale in a position and when to exit early.


– When to look for volatility in the market. How to spot momentum and trade with momentum.

– Identifying a trend in a session and how to take entries based off that. (This will help you NOT to trade a pair in consolidation).


– HTF break down to LTF

– Impulse entries

*if you follow the discipline and the rules you set within yourself, you will see consistency in all areas of your life*

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